Repeal SVID

En el 2003 los Republicanos pasaron una odiosa ley anti-immigrante en el Estado de Colorado.

In 2003 the Republicans passed an anti-immigrant law in the State of Colorado, the “Secure and Verifiable ID Act” or “SVID,” which is codified as CRS §24-72.1. This law was proposed by anti-immigrants as HB03-1224, and was passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2003. SVID is a menace, seeking to strip governmental immunity from public servants who are just doing their jobs.

SVID received low marks on the 2008 State Audit Report, long before passage of the SB-251 drivers license bill. With the passage of SB-251, SVID was amended to authorize the department of revenue to issue this new type of license. But the license was specifically declared not to be a secure and verifiable document. While this rendered SVID virtually meaningless, it left a landmine in place: the possibility of personal, civil liability.

Currently the DMV lists the SB-251 license as a secure and verifiable document that may be used to obtain automobile titles and placards.
This result is necessary for good governance, but it contradicts the very clear language of CRS §24-72.1-103(3). Might a DMV clerk be personally sued? Not if SVID is repealed!

The Secure and Verifiable Identity Document Act

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